Shopper’s delight at Angles Café & Gift Shop

For many visitors to the IU Art Museum, when you mention Angles Café & Gift Shop the first thing that comes to mind is good coffee. However, this shop, nestled between the first and third floors, is more than just good coffee. It is a treasure trove of exclusive jewelry designers, including silversmith Catherine Canino. Angles’ manager Murat Candiler curates a fine selection of jewelry, gifts, and other whimsies not readily found around town or even online.

Catherine Canino is a Rhode Island School of Design-trained silversmith who has designed jewelry under her own name as well as for iconic fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren and Banana Republic. Her inspirations include equestrian hardware, locks and closures, estate jewelry, and nature. She brings new interpretations to classic styles and gemstones. Canino’s latest collection features beautiful coral earrings and necklaces in 18-karat gold vermeil settings, luminous freshwater pearls floating on bracelets, and jades in white and yellow…and it all can be found at Angles!

With plenty of seating that extends to the outdoor Sculpture Terrace, stop by Angles for a little break and do some casual shopping. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a specialty beverage of your creation and to find unique, one-of-kind adornments for yourself or someone special.

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