Jazz in July with the Andy Cobine Trio

Andy Cobine Trio

Andy Cobine TrioFriday marked the start of the art museum’s Jazz in July event. Every Friday in July
there will be live jazz music on the Sculpture Terrace from 6:00–8:00 p.m. The Andy
Cobine Trio kicked off the event with a great set.

There was a sizable crowd despite the 100+ degree heat, showing this town’s
incredible dedication to the yearly concert series. As a museum intern, I found the
level of detail that went into planning the event incredible. Acquiring sponsorships,
food, drink, and even the music required weeks of planning and it came together all
in a matter of hours as music-lovers started pouring in.

Pizza X, Oliver Winery and Bloomington Brewing Company

There was beer, wine, gelato, and pizza available from Bloomington Brewing
Company, Oliver Winery, Grazie Italian Eatery, and Pizza X for visitors to enjoy
while listening to the relaxing music. As the event photographer, I noticed
a lot of dedicated jazz fans who enjoyed cocktails, pizza, and ice cream during the
event. These vendors added to the social and relaxed atmosphere of the event.

It’ll be rare after I move from Bloomington to get the opportunity to attend such a
fun, interesting concert for free. Although there are very few of us here during the
summertime, I would have guessed that more students would jump at the chance
to go to a free concert right on campus, but the event hosted mainly Bloomington

Andy Cobine Trio

It was such a great event, and it was really nice to see how many Bloomington
residents came out to see the concert. It really speaks to the quality of the museum
and its events when Bloomington residents show so much support for the
University’s art museum.

S. A.

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