530319_4587363212642_834032998_nAbe Morris is the IU Art Museum’s Manager of Public Relations and Marketing. A graduate of Indiana University, and a Bloomington native, Abe worked in the music business for many years before joining the IU Art Museum. When not writing for Art From All Angles, Abe can be found cycling around Bloomington, or playing with his cat Boris Morris. His favorite work in the museum is Morris Louis’  Beth Aleph. Contact Abe at:

Past Contributors:

AlexisBAlexis Benveniste is a junior majoring in Journalism and minoring in Fine Arts at Indiana University. This past summer she interned at Seventeen Magazine, and she is hoping to pursue a career in magazine journalism after school. She is very excited to be a marketing intern at the museum this semester, and her favorite piece in the museum is WIlliam Merritt Chase’s Still Life.


RavenCRaven Carpenter is a senior at Indiana University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. Raven has a background in public relations with the School of Journalism and a second concentration in gender studies through the College of Arts and Science. Her favorite gallery is the Raymond and Laura Wielgus Gallery of the Arts of Africa, the South Pacific, and the Americas gallery.


SarahDSarah Ditlinger is a junior majoring in Arts Management pursuing minors in both the History of Art and Studio Art.  Her passion lies in arts marketing and promotion, community outreach, and event management and implementation.  Her favorite pieces in the art museum are Kay Sage’s Lost Record and Alfred Leslie’s Portrait of Lisa Bigelow.  Her favorite artists are Cecilia Paredes, Nick Gentry, and Edward Hopper.


BestyWBetsy Wojcinski completed her undergraduate degree in Business and Economics at IU Northwest.  She is currently enrolled in the Masters of Arts Administration program at Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA). She is the communications and public relations assistant at the IU Art Museum. Some of her favorite artists include Salvador Dali and Claude Monet. Her favorite gallery at the museum is the Art of Asia.


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