Coffee House Nights at the Art Museum

Fusion of art, music, and coffee


Starting the year off right, guests gathered at the IU Art Museum’s first Coffee House Night of the season. Visitors began the night sampling an assortment of cookies and chocolate covered strawberries. The sweet treats paired with a selection of tea and coffee provided by the IU Art Museum’s very own Angles Café (located on the second floor).

Cofffee Music

Taking a step into the Gallery of the Arts of Asia and the Ancient Western World, visitors were immersed in dreadlocks, beads, and good spirits. Local Bloomington musicians “banded” together for a night of musical collaboration and traditional Indian tunes.

Scavenger Hunt

Inside the gallery, visitors also enjoyed a scavenger hunt. Given clues and hints, visitors paced around the gallery in hopes to be the first one done.

Did you miss this week’s Coffee House Night? Good news! The IU Art Museum will be hosting two more on September 16 and on September 25 from 7:30-9:30 p.m. Come join the festivities!