Coffeehouse Nights Are A Big Success!

Hurdy-Gurdy Music in the Art of the Western World Gallery

Thursday, September 27th, concluded the IU Art Museum’s annual Coffeehouse Nights series. Over the past three weeks, the museum featured each of its three permanent collection galleries—the Arts of Asia and the Ancient Western World;  Raymond and Laura Wielgus Gallery of the Arts of Africa, the South Pacific, and the Americas; and the Art of the Western World. At each Coffeehouse Night  featured musical performances that related to an individual gallery.The musicians this year included Salaam, Dr.Djo Bi, and Tomas Lozana.

Out in the main lobby, the crowd came rushing in for the free coffee and desserts courtesy of Angles Café (located on the second floor of the museum) and Bloomingfoods!

After the caffeine and sugar worked its way through everyone’s stomachs, people eagerly made their way into the Gallery of Western Art with a pencil, a clipboard, and a gallery scavenger hunt in hand.

The traditional “hurdy-gurdy” music, performed by Tomas Lozana, flowed throughout the entire gallery creating an artistic atmosphere that was not only visual but musical as well.