Open Sketch Night: Traveling the Silk Road

Collaborating with the Uralic National Resource Center, the Chinese Calligraphy Club, henna artists, and the local Bloomington band Plateau Below, the night was filled with exploration covering many artistic mediums.


The Gallery of the Art of Asia and the Ancient Western World was open after hours for this special event. This month’s theme focused on the globalization and influx of ideas that spread as a result of the Silk Road, connecting Asia to the rest of Europe. With a pencil and a pad of paper in hand, visitors were free to roam around the gallery and take what they were seeing before their eyes and turn them into their own masterpiece

Callig Liked what you saw in the galleries? Great! Visitors took their sketches and rendered them into their very own personalized postcard designs. The Chinese Calligraphy Club also made their mark, literally. With ink and paper visitors learned how to translate English words into Chinese characters. You could even keep some of the art with you, or maybe I should say, on you. Henna artists joined the crew to add to the night of many art forms.


Filling the atrium with their own unique sound, Plateau Below graced the atrium’s stage. A local Bloomington band, these four boys are not shy to let loose and put on a quirky and entertaining show.

If you missed this month’s Open Sketch Night, not to worry, the IU Art Museum has two more coming this semester! Mark your calendars from 8:00-10:00 p.m. for October 3 as the museum takes on the “Great Greeks” and November 7 with the “Birth of Modern Art.”  Admission, food, refreshments, art activities, and live performances are all free!