A Tribute to William Zimmerman

William Zimmerman, a nationally recognized wildlife artist and Brown County resident, passed away last fall. In honor of his artistry and passion for ornithology, the IU Art Museum has a selection of five original paintings from his book Life Histories of North American Woodpeckers (1992) on display in the first-floor Art of the Western World gallery. These beautiful pieces show Zimmerman’s meticulous nature and dedication to truth when capturing these stunning birds, along with local flora.

If this small selection inspires you when you visit, hop on over to the Jordan Hall atrium where you can see another 100 Zimmerman paintings from his The Birds of Indiana series.

William Zimmerman
American, b. 1937
Hairy “Harris’s” Woodpecker
(Picoides villosus), 1991
Original artwork for plate 17 in Arthur Cleveland Bent’s Life Histories of
North American Woodpeckers
Acrylic on grey paper
Gift of Elaine Ewing Fess and
Stephen W. Fess, 93.22.17

You might also recognize Zimmerman’s work from the labels on local Olivery Winery’s wine bottles. Zimmerman worked with Oliver to produce their labels for many years, depicting a blue heron, hawks, and other birds, butterflies, grapes, bees, and even a fox to represent Oliver’s various wine flavors. As he was quoted at Hidden River Art, “I can always go get some wine and give it as a gift. I get a double whammy with it!”

I found a video posted by WTIU last December, no doubt in remembrance of Zimmerman shortly after his passing. I thought it best, perhaps, to let the artist himself share a little bit more about his art with you.

Follow the link to watch: William Zimmerman

Zimmerman’s five woodpecker paintings will be on display at the IU Art Museum until September 9th, 2012.